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The Bakeneko token


BAKENEKO (BAKEN) is the most rare collectible Meme token in the universe. 

With a Total Supply 277,216 times smaller than Bitcoin, it has come to break the record for the value of a token.

Bakeneko was born on the planet Corot (in which it rains rocks instead of water), 489 light years from Earth. There he met Ayra and taught him to be a superhero. He teached him to be very strong.

Ayra was born on the planet Gammy in the Lumbus galaxy 5. A very poor planet because of the ruling dogs. They caused with their selfishness: hunger, poverty and wars.

Ayra, in his heart, felt the need to break the rules of his planet. But Ayra still didn't know how ...

Since childhood, Ayra, heard stories and legends about a tremendously powerful monstrous feline: the Bakeneko. Ayra traveled the universe in hopes of finding him. Nobody believed that the bakeneko could be real. Ayra looked for him relentlessly.

Upon reaching Corot... a giant rock destroyed his ship. He couldn't get out of there anymore ...

Luckily, Ayra survived. This rock was of an unknown mineral and endowed it with powers. But Ayra didn't know, yet ...

By miracle, he managed to survive for 100,000 years on Corot, a planet full of violence and unimaginable horrors. During that time he lost faith in encountering the Bakeneko.

When all hope seemed lost, a huge white dragon descended from the sky. He said: I have watched you for a long time. You are worthy of my help. I will help you find what you are looking for.

Ayra followed the Dragon's instructions, which led him to a lost island under the sea. there he found the Bakeneko. He found him meditating ...

The Bakeneno opened his eyes and said: Shall we start your journey as a superhero?

After 1000 years of teaching, Ayra learned to use his powers. He was prepared, he went back to his planet (Gammy) and changed the rules.

But on that trip, Ayra decided that he could do much more as end the injustices of other planets ...

After saving the planet Gammy from the tyranny of the evil dogs, Ayra traveled through space looking for other places to help. On one of his trips he saw Earth, from the solar system ...

Ayra was devastated by the tremendous injustices of the Earth: Hunger, Wars, Animal abuse ... Meanwhile, instead of fixing things, humans had fun playing with meme dogs... 

At that moment he decided to call the Bakeneko and request his help to restore order to the Earth and the Entire Universe.

Although the Bakeneko was a selfish being, you see Ayra as a son, since Ayra is an Orphan. That is why he decided to travel to Earth. He told AYRA: You will never fight alone again!

Ayra smirked: With the all-powerful Bakeneko by his side, nothing can defeat them.